Intelligent Interaction

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Cultural Technology Department
University of the Aegean


Intelligent Interaction is a research group active in the cross-section of Intelligent Systems and Human Computer Interaction with applications in the Digital Cultural Heritage domain. Founded in 2016 and coordinated by George Caridakis, II has since been extremely active in research and development activities and, interdisciplinary by nature, is constantly looking for new synergies and ventures.


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Students simulating the work of the United Nations at #DSAMUN Deutsche Schule Athen Model United Nations Conference, a concept forming a brighter future! Great work by Deutsche Schule Athen and many thanks to Klio Stamou for the official invitation to ii. ii_ct_aegean photo

Inspiring stuff at the TMO and TM conference in Dresden! Excited to have joined and can't wait to integrate ii's and iLab's activities in the work performed under TM 🙂 @TimeMachineEU #timemachine19 ii_ct_aegean photo

Third day in #Euromed and @ii_ct_aegean among fashinating digital cultural projects presented Cultkiosk @ptaba111 @Unesco_DCH ii_ct_aegean photo

Research infrastrure powered by @ptaba111 ! Grateful and excited about the prospects 😀 ii_ct_aegean photo

Another #Euromed is starting and @ii_ct_aegean is persistently present :). As always, @Unesco_DCH organisation and hospitality is immaculate! ii_ct_aegean photo

Presentation of Intelligent Interaction research group research on the spread of short-term rental property in Athens! ii_ct_aegean photo
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