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Intelligent Interaction is a research group active in the cross-section of Intelligent Systems and Human Computer Interaction with applications in the Digital Cultural Heritage Management domain. Founded in 2016 and coordinated by George Caridakis, II group is now part of the Intelligent Systems Research laboratory, a wider research group that develops Intelligent, Interactive and Internet technologies to support the reproduction, display and promotion of cultural heritage assets and services. II has since been extremely active in research and development activities and, interdisciplinary by nature, is constantly looking for new synergies and ventures.


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The systematic review entitled "A Survey on Computational and Emergent Digital Storytelling", by @trixobird , @gealexandri, and @gcaridakis was published today in the @Heritage_MDPI magazine and is available online:
The original paper "Enhancing user interaction with context-awareness in cultural spaces" was recently published by one of the field's leading journals, Springer's Personal and Ubiquitous Computing. Congrats to authors @gcaridakis and Kostas Michalakis.
II's member Kostas Michalakis took the PhD oath today for his thesis in Context Awareness and Interaction in the Internet of Things. Congratulations Kostas! @gcaridakis
Our article "ACUX Recommender: A Mobile
Recommendation System for Multi-Profile Cultural Visitors Based on Visiting Preferences Classification" has been published in BDCC as part of the SI Big Data Analytics for Cultural Heritage Congrats to all!!
II's member @maganias79 is presenting the paper "Supporting conservation and restoration through digital media modelling and exploitation: the example of Acropolis of Ancient Tiryns" in #smap2022! Many thanks to @manoliswallace and @fmylonas5 for the well-organised sessions!!
Excellent thesis defence by our @ii_ct_aegean team member Konstantinos Michalakis at the @uaegean with supervisor @gcaridakis presenting his PhD research "Context awareness and interaction in the internet of things". Congratulations Dr Michalakis!
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