Intelligent Interaction

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Cultural Technology Department
University of the Aegean


Intelligent Interaction is a research group active in the cross-section of Intelligent Systems and Human Computer Interaction with applications in the Digital Cultural Heritage Management domain. Founded in 2016 and coordinated by George Caridakis, II group is now part of the Intelligent Systems Research laboratory, a wider research group that develops Intelligent, Interactive and Internet technologies to support the reproduction, display and promotion of cultural heritage assets and services. II has since been extremely active in research and development activities and, interdisciplinary by nature, is constantly looking for new synergies and ventures.


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Our article "ACUX Typology: A Harmonisation of Cultural-Visitor Typologies for Multi-Profile Classification" has been published in Digital as part of the Special Issue "Digital Systems for Tourism" by @maganias79 @gealexandri @gcaridakis @MDPIOpenAccess

Our department is celebrating 20 years! Happy birthday!

ACM Chapter Spotlight! The March 2022 edition of the ACM Chapter Member News presents CHIGreece 2021, the 1st International Conference of the Greece ACM SIGCHI Chapter that was held virtually, November 25-27, 2021.

Congrats to our MSc students Antonis Ntagiantas and Zoi Karageorgiou of the "MSc by Research Intelligent Computer Systems" for presenting their master thesis!
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