Intelligent Interaction Research Group has a well established laboratory with equipment that includes among others AR/VR Devices, 3D Scanning equipment and intelligent interaction devices such as Smart Table and Smart Floor. Also, a wide list of devices for IoT infrastructure is available including Arduino boards and shields, Lillypad microcontrollers, Amazon Echo devices, Belkin smart lamps and NFC tags and readers.

The laboratory was equipped through regional, national and european funding projects, with special mention to PEP Project which contributed with the majority of equipment.

VR Headset

AR Headset

AR Glasses

3D Scanner

3D Scanner

3D Microphone

360 Camera

Depth sensor

3D Printer

Arduino parts


Smart Floor

Smart Table

Oculus Rift S

Microsoft Hololens 2

Vuzix Blade

Faro Focus M70


3Dio FS Binaural

Garmin Virb 360

Intel Real Sense

Ultimaker 3D Printer

Arduino Mega + MKR

DJI Magic 2 Pro

Future Shape Sens Floor

Touchsmart Smart Table

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