ACUX-R Evaluation

In the framework of the PhD dissertation of Markos Constantakis, a member of ii research group, we present ACUX Recommender (ACUx-R), a mobile recommendation system (MRS)for recommending personalised cultural POIs to visitors based on their visiting preferences. ACUX-R experimentally employs the ACUX typology (Konstantakis, 2022) for assigning profiles to cultural visitors. The ACUX typology is the outcome of a harmonisation of existing cultural-visitor typologies that base their classification on visiting preferences. 

The application is designed for Android users and corresponds to points of interest in the Attica region; hence, its use is recommended for users who travel in Attica.


1. Download and install application - click on the icon

2. Login to the application and select visiting preferences

After downloading the apk of the application from step 1, you can easily login (as shown in the image above) with a non-existent user account that we have created with username: and code: 123456 (there is also the possibility to register as a new user).

After successfully logging into the application, you can start with step 1 of the ACUX-R application. You should initially choose from 5 or more visiting preferences to create your ACUX profile. Once you are done with your selections, you could press the ‘See my Profile’ button to proceed to the next step.

3. View and adjust your profile

Once the visiting preferences have been selected, you can see in the next tab the percentage obtained in each of the profiles of the ACUX typology. By pressing the arrow, you can see more information about each profile. If you want to adjust your profile and change the percentages, you can press the ‘Adjust your Profile’ button and go to the next step (right image).

4. View points of interest

Based on the deduced profile, personalised recommendations of POIs are shown on a map or in a list.

5. ACUX-R evaluation - click on the icon

After you have finished navigating the application, you can fill out the evaluation questionnaire.

Thank you very much for the response. Your opinion is very important to improve the ACUX-R application.

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