This project will develop the innovative PaloAnalytics platform that will allow companies and organizations, which operate in many countries, to monitor and analyze in depth the markets’ interest to their products and successfully plan their marketing and communication strategy with data and insights collected from all the local media and presented in a common language, English.

Duration: 2018 – 2021


TRACCE project aims to design and development of an innovative ubiquitous platform for cultural routes, and different computing devices, using cultural inventory of travelogue literature, the digital material of today’s travellers and new information and communication technology. It will offer cultural interpretation services that combine the visit of an area with the acquaintance of the historically recorded and the contemporary touring experience.

Duration: 2018 – 2021

ELIDEK Scholarships

John Aliprantis and Eirini Kalatha have been awarded with a scholarship for their PhD research from the “1st Call for PhD Scholarships by HFRI” – “Grant Codes 234 and 1347”, from the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT) and the Hellenic Foundation for
Research and Innovation (HFRI).

Duration: 2017 – 2019

Digital Cultural Heritage Management Center

Digital Cultural Heritage Management Center will be available for cultural heritage institutions as well for other local public organizations related to the cultural, environmental or tourist promotion of their region. The center will provide them with the necessary equipment, knowledge and support, assisting them on promoting their heritage on a bigger and wider audience.

Duration: 2019 – 2022

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AegeanA will collect cultural content in the Region of North Aegean, operating in full compliance with the national cultural aggregator of the National Documentation Centre and through it with the European portal of cultural content Europeana. The project will develop a digital repository for the collection, organization and promotion of cultural heritage artifacts, by providing relevant services to the cultural institutions in North Aegean, as well as to other institutions of the Region related to the cultural, environmental, pedagogical development and touristic visibility of the area.

Duration: 2020 – 2023

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