Digital cultural heritage management center

The digital cultural heritage management center (“CultKiosk”) is a mobile and versatile interactive kiosk that accommodates high-end infrastructure comprised of sensors, interactive devices and the necessary computational systems. CultKiosk can be used as a cultural space that offers natural interaction methods between visitors and virtual cultural artifacts, beyond spatial limitations by incorporating a wide range of emerging technologies.



The basic structure includes:

  • Vertical surfaces that can be combined to create spaces with different shapes, depending on availability and exhibition needs. Each surface has the appropriate equipment to accommodate (a) conventional materials – graphics, text, photographs, etc. (b) objects, (c) projectors, and (d) digital applications.
  • Floor. Intelligent flooring that recognizes visitor traffic and allows space to adapt for a personalized experience.
  • Roof, which protects the space when installed outdoors.
  • Maximum dimensions are 5m x 6m x 3m(height)



CultKiosk is equipped with many high-end devices that offer interactivity, personalization and immersive user experience. In detail, the cultural space can accommodate the following equipment parts:

  • Vuzix Blade augmented reality smart glasses
  • Microsoft Hololens augmented reality smart glasses
  • Oculus Rift VR mask
  • Empatica wristband wearable that offers real-time physiological data acquisition 
  • Emotic Epoc Electroencephalography (EEF) headset
  • Smart mobile devices such as tablets, smart phones, smart watches that can be used by the visitors
  • Various sensors and microcontrollers that can measure environmental data like temperature, humidity, light levels, movement, speech levels, etc
  • Amazon Echo empowered by Alexa software for voice controls
  • Depth camera, 360o camera, leap motion, omnidirectional binaural microphone and other video/audio recording devices
  • Interactive projectors that can transform a wall into an interactive surface
  • Triplehead2go Displayport that can split the projection of a computer screen to multiple devices, expanding the viewing screen along a wide wall.
  • Interactive table 46’’ that allows multiple simultaneous contact points
  • Smart floor that can monitor the visitor path
  • Multichannel Dolby Atmos sound system
  • Smart light infrastructure that can be programmed/adapted automatically according to the user preferences or the exhibition needs
  • Computational system that manages the CultKiosk ecosystem



The CultKiosk is equipped with a wide range of devices that transform it into a smart interactive space able to provide immersive, personalized and exciting user experiences. 

The wearables (AR/VR glasses, smart devices, biometric devices) can be used by the visitors when interacting with cultural artifacts for an augmented experience. The audio/visual infrastructure consisted of projectors, light and sound can customize the CultKiosk according to the current needs of each activity. The interactive surfaces are not limited to traditional screens, but potentially include all the walls and a large table, allowing multiple applications. 

Furthermore the ecosystem of the CultKiosk is environmentally monitored by many sensors and managed by amazon echo, fueling a ubiquitous computing space that allows multiple inputs and adapts accordingly. The smart floor covering all the floor of the CultKiosk further enhances the system perception about user movement, and engagement. 

Overall, the technologies hidden into the CultKiosk allow the exhibition curators to offer user experiences with artifacts that may not be accessible outside of the museum space, with cultural and social procedures otherwise not available and in general with activities that promote the cultural interaction of the visitors. The CultKiosk is available for cultural heritage institutions as well for other actors of the ecosystem, and provides them with the necessary equipment, knowledge and support, assisting them on promoting their cultural heritage on a wider audience.

WP1: Recording Of Primary Data
Deliverable 1.1: Primary Data Recording Subsystem
Deiverable 1.2: Infrastructure Of Smart Devices And Outdoors Sensors


WP2: Recording Of 3D Data
Deliverable 2.1: 3D Data Recording Subsystem 

WP3: Installation, Interconnection And Operation Of Repositories
Deliverable 3.1: Repositories


WP4: Personalized Promotion Services For CultKiosk
Deliverable 4.1: Indoor Mixed Reality Services
Deliverable 4.2: Customized Services Tailored To User Behavior


WP5: Gaming Promotion Services For CultKiosk
Deliverable 5.1: Indoor Gaming Services
5.2: Digital Storytelling Services
Deliverable  5.3: Tangible Activity Services (3D Printing, Sandbox)


WP6: Experimental Function & Evaluation Of CultKiosk
Deliverable 6.1: CultKiosk Experimental Function And Evaluation Report


WP7: Ubiquitous Personalized Promotion Services
Deliverable 7.1: Outdoors Mixed Reality Services
Deliverable 7.2: Customized User Experience Services


WP8: Ubiquitous Gaming Promotion Services
Deliverable 8.1: Outdoor Gaming Services
Deliverable 8.2:  Narrative Paths Services


Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για athena rc

January 2020

The second part of delivered equipment just arrived at the lab. Oculus Rift devices will allow for emerging VR experiences, while various electronic devices such as Arduino sensors, Amazon Echo and Belkin smart lamps will allow the implementation of IoT environments.

July 2019

The First Equipment Pieces Are Delivered From The Suppliers.

The Faro Focus M70, the jewel of our equipment list, can scan buildings and other large objects of interest, capturing the image in 3D and providing new ways to present and promote our cultural heritage. Scan-in-a-box is another 3D scanner more suited for smaller objects, allowing a wider range of scannable objects and artifacts.

Besides the scanners, the delivered equipment list includes a 3D Printer, a 46-inch Interactive table, interactive projectors and other devices for video and sound recording.

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